Swedish Duo Dada Life Bringing Its Happy, Energetic EDM To Dome

Stockholm EDM music scene – BingNews
Swedish Duo Dada Life Bringing Its Happy, Energetic EDM To Dome
High-energy dance music … Life — Stockholm DJs Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom — performs at the Dome at Oakdale in Wallingford on Thursday, Aug. 27. For the past decade, Corneer and Engblom have been deflating the stuffiness of the EDM world …

Stockhom EDM electronic dance music – BingNews
Dillon Francis to produce Spanish-language EDM album
Yes, you read that correctly. Having already proved a master of electronic dance music engineered in the English language, Dillon Francis has confirmed that his next musical endeavor will be the production of a “Spanish-language EDM album.” Francis …

Stockholm EDM DJ, record company, producer – BingNews
How a Hit Happens Now
“He lost two phones, actually,” says Leighton “Lake” Morrison, one of the principals, along with veteran producers Don Cannon and DJ Drama, of Uzi’s Atlanta … to create maximum exposure for a record company’s big moneymaker, a proper studio …

Stockholm EDM agent, promoter, event, concert – BingNews
Dance-music craze slowing down
a longtime dance music promoter whose downtown club Vagabond closed in 2014, and who is presenting a week of old-school house music DJs like Louie Vega and Jellybean Benitez at Yuca on Lincoln Road this week. “The EDM world is one big KISS concert …

Stockholm EDM street, corporate party – BingNews
Artprice: Guache Inaugurates a Series of Collective Works Created at the Organe Contemporary Art Museum, Artprice’s HQ
This collective work has brought one of the world’s most famous (Artprice Ranking) muralist / street … event when Lyon was bidding to host France’s only biennial art fair (founded by André Malraux). Since 1999, Serveur Group – Artprice’s parent company …

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