Shoom: An Oral History of the London Club That Kicked Off Rave Culture

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Shoom: An Oral History of the London Club That Kicked Off Rave Culture
Danny Rampling and fellow DJs look back on how their 1987 Ibiza trip helped jumpstart a British dance … a late-night slot, which was a real fortunate break. I worked with Nicky Holloway as his assistant. He was an established, leading club promoter …

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Hamilton Princess Calendar Of Festive Events
“Guests will be serenaded by the David Back Consort, a six-piece jazz … Club, said: “We are thrilled to be able to offer so many exciting events throughout the festive season this year. There’s an event for everyone, from those looking for a …

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The traditional Chinese dance troupe China doesn’t want you to see
The adverts are for a company … Berlin and Stockholm, theatres and local governments have reported receiving letters or visits from Chinese embassies attempting to shut down the dance show. In February 2014, Jörg Seefeld, the event manager of the …

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Your EDM Premiere: graves – Meta [CRWNS Remix]
“Meta” by graves is a solid hip hop tune with electronic undertones, but it could be considered a little too far in the hip hop spectrum for some of the harder dance music heads. To that end, CRWNS is here to provide respite for those souls who wanted …

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