Share Life Moments in Real Time with New App TiZR

Stockholm EDM DJ, record company, producer – Bing News
Share Life Moments in Real Time with New App TiZR
TiZR’s current investors include Spinnin’ Records, the world’s most influential Electronic Dance Music (EDM) label, and the app’s early adopters include Multi Grammy Award winner and DJ/producer David Guetta and international DJ Nicky Romero.

Stockholm EDM dance club, night club – Bing News
How Misguided Drug Policies Are Failing the EDM Community
Like most US drug policies, the act has hindered true harm reduction within club and festival culture … for relevancy in the 1930s and the hippies again in the 1960s, the dance music community has been fighting for almost three decades to be seen …

Stockhom EDM electronic dance music – Bing News
Electronic dance music festival returns to Hatfield Hatfield with its “best line-up”
“So make sure you join us in the sunshine on Saturday, August 6 for the UK’s premier underground electronic music event.” For one day only, ravers registered with festival organisers can buy tickets at the discounted price of £29.95. Once these have …

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