Label of the month: Posh Isolation

Stockholm EDM DJ, record company, producer – BingNews
Label of the month: Posh Isolation
“I always say ‘electronic music,’ or ‘electronic dance music’ if it’s danceable,” says Rönnberg … but after a few hours the project had developed “a language of its own,” Rahbek says. The record was paid out of both of their pockets.

Stockholm EDM dance club, night club – BingNews
LIV Reopened This Weekend With Skrillex
We knew we needed something extra and we wanted to take pride in being ahead of the curve in the nightclub industry.” The massive LED beast was designed by Steve Lieberman who is the owner of SJ Lighting and the EDM … dance floor, enveloping the club …

Stockholm EDM agent, promoter, event, concert – BingNews
Promoter speaks out after Daughtry concert issues
We (Lynchburg Concerts) were the Promoter for this Concert. Phase 2 was the venue. What does this mean? This means that we booked Daughtry, and worked with his agent, label, and management to plan the event … it in the article. EDM shows excluded …

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