How club culture and EDM inspired jazz musicians

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How club culture and EDM inspired jazz musicians
In the video for their 2017 track “Bedford”, Brooklyn jazz trio Too Many Zooz burst on to a Manhattan-bound L-train at 3.33am, and blast the startled passengers with their “brass house” sound, a self-styled mix of jazz and electronic dance music.

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EDM to showcase its G-Cueing Ejection Seat at I/ITSEC 2017
which runs from 27 th November to 1 st December in Orlando, Florida, is the world’s largest military simulation and training event and aims to promote international and interdisciplinary cooperation within these highly specialised fields. EDM is exhibiting …

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Could a ‘night mayor’ unify L.A.’s vast music and nightlife scene?
Rotella had in the past thrown electronic dance music (EDM) events at a Chinatown warehouse … the promoter behind the new activist club night Party Like You Give A…. In Europe, “Night Mayors” have helped mediate cities’ after-dark economies …

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