HOLIDAY HAPPENINGS: Events around the Valley

Stockholm Jazz concert, event, night club – BingNews
HOLIDAY HAPPENINGS: Events around the Valley
A holiday craft show will take place in conjunction with the event from 11 … of the Dana Holiday Concert, which will then be presented in the Concert Hall. It will include the Dana Symphonic Choir, Dana Symphony Orchestra, YSU Jazz Ensemble, Dana Chorale …

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Ryse Nightclub aims to keep dance-music scene pulsating
I’m excited to come in here every Saturday night and a club specifically focused on DJ-centered dance music.” But don’t make the mistake of calling it “EDM.” EDM, or electronic dance music, is an umbrella term that’s now often shunned by those …

Stockhom EDM electronic dance music – BingNews
EDM festival returns to Pattaya
Maya Music Festival began in 2015 and was held in Bangkok. It played a part in amplifying the popularity of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) in Thailand — as well as its incorporation of Eastern elements in all the shows — through international DJs such as …

Stockholm EDM street, corporate party – BingNews
The 25 Best Concerts in Phoenix This December
Where Gaga’s track is about relationship drama, Lucki’s is a nod to Wockhardt, the pharma company that produces a codeine-laden … Ditto for the night before. Local EDM event promoter Relentless Beats has announced the first wave of DJs for this …

Stockholm EDM DJ, record company, producer – BingNews
‘Sandstorm’ producer Darude talks EDM
I gave my track to a guy I looked up to as a producer and a dj, but I didn’t know he was starting a record company. When I gave my demo … at least around here, electronic dance music has come from the underground into the mainstream.

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