EDM Power Players: The Executives

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EDM Power Players: The Executives
EDM Power Players: The DJs Insomniac’s flagship event is Las Vegas’ Electric Daisy Carnival … Since 1991, he has been a concert promoter, superstar DJ, record label executive, festival founder and dance music icon. As an A&R man for Def Jam in …

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Women’s Club of Inverness’ Jingle and Mingle Raises Over $21,000
Women’s Club of Inverness (WCI) members and their guests “jingled and mingled” on November 15th at Medinah Country Club to raise over $21,000 for local charities. Enjoying this Girls’ Night … event triumph, and will be jazzed up, courtesy of Gene Garcia …

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Make it happen! Los Angeles deserves a Night Mayor
That same fight persisted – through the early 2000s, into the boom of EDM in the 2010s and still, today – to prove to governing bodies that the dance … the night avoided putting hundreds of inebriated people into the streets all at once once clubs …

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Anish Kapoor’s first VR work will depict “the body falling into itself”
Kapoor will take part in one such event together with the director of Stockholm’s Moderna Museet Daniel Birnbaum … re-watching old horror movies like The Thing and Nightmare on Elm Street and we liked the vintage effect of these films,” says the …

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