EDM duo visit the Vogue on Shelter Tour

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EDM duo visit the Vogue on Shelter Tour
One of the newer genres on the scene, EDM (electronic dance music), captivates the minds of listeners of all ages as DJs and artists apply electronically-made sounds to produce material with a futuristic flavour. Breaking and bending these barriers are …

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LGBTQ: Flair Nightclub Opens on New Year’s Eve
But don’t fret just yet, there is a new club on the horizon. Flair Nightclub hopes to take the LGBTQ scene by storm when it hosts their “Preview Party” on December 31st. Flair boasts two dance floors … be playing a mix of EDM, Top 40, Pop, House …

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Justin Bieber Continues Diving Into EDM With Sweden’s Summerburst Festival
Traditionally an electronic dance music … to Stockholm and Summerburst 2017. Justin Bieber brings his show to really take Summerburst and dance to new heights, and this is perhaps the most exciting thing we’ve ever done on the Summerburst scene.”

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