DJ Culture in the Mix : An Interview with Book Co-Editor Bernardo Attias

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DJ Culture in the Mix : An Interview with Book Co-Editor Bernardo Attias
DJ Culture in the Mix (Bloomsbury, 2013) edited by Bernardo Attias, Anna Gavans and Hilegonda Rietveld is a book that explores, in its own unique way, the ever-changing landscape of DJ culture, particularly in the genre known as electronic dance music (EDM).

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Elena Andujar’s Flamenco in Time Album Review
The singer’s latest release naturally incorporates her conventional flamenco elements into the modern world of dance music and jamming house-style club … s Late-Night Workout,’ also features noteworthy and intriguing Flamenco and EDM electronic …

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Op-Ed: Electronic dance music (EDM) is a healing form of music
This journalist has been privileged to review all genres of music in his 12-year career thus far, but electronic music is one format that is one of the most healing, and helps one cope in times of loss. In the European countries, and worldwide, especially …

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Jauz On His Label And The One Music Festival He’d Actually ‘Pay’ To Be At
When you’re making EDM, you can be completely … Le Funk from Amsterdam and he makes music that’s kind of similar to what I do along with UK influences that inspire me. I’m into the whole UK bassline scene over there that’s kind of taking over …

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