Cause of Viola Beach death crash ‘will never be known’

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Cause of Viola Beach death crash ‘will never be known’
Addressing the families he added: “The events we have … the band’s agent, said the group had been on stage to perform at 9.45pm on the night of Friday, February 12. “It went down very well, very high level of promoters in the room, who were all …

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Justin Bieber Continues Diving Into EDM With Sweden’s Summerburst Festival
Traditionally an electronic dance music … to Stockholm and Summerburst 2017. Justin Bieber brings his show to really take Summerburst and dance to new heights, and this is perhaps the most exciting thing we’ve ever done on the Summerburst scene.”

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EDM forerunner Sartek: Another five-eight years, and I can be the Martin Garrix from India
Sarthak Sardana aka Sartek might be that one EDM DJ among several names … having no idea what dance music is all about. The gig changed the perspective of music for me as I never knew electronic music could make me so inspired, seeing happy vibes all …

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An Interview with House of Kenzo and Santa Muerte
Tony’s cousin hooked it up with a local promoter at an ultra lux lounge and they needed help with an EDM night. The promotion happened … The traditional club environment was not the direction we wanted. We shot that video after trying to get into …

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