Alan Hubbard: Coe must now show himself as the Caesar’s wife of sport –

Stockholm EDM agent, promoter, event, concert – Google News
Alan Hubbard: Coe must now show himself as the Caesar’s wife of sport –
Alan Hubbard: Coe must now show himself as the Caesar's wife of sport
As the promoter Frank Warren points out there have been numerous forensic forays by the media into the fight game. But none have been able show that there is crookedness or corruption. “That's because bent fights and the like simply do not exist

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Stockholm EDM street, corporate party – Bing News
New Fire Festival a sustainable Easter weekend fete
New Fire Festival activities will include camping under the stars, an expo for sustainable businesses and people producing locally-made products, a live music concert into a midnight EDM … the event launch which took place at Alice Yard, Roberts Street …

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Oneohtrix Point Never played for a room full of Toronto cyborgs
At his Toronto show on Friday night … EDM, nu-metal, hardstyle, harsh noise, chiptune, black metal, and new age electronica. Something I noticed hearing Oneohtrix Point Never live in a room full of people (at The Hoxton no less, a genuine dance club …

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INTERVIEW: Cedric Gervais on ‘With You’ & Delecta Records
The Grammy Award-winning French DJ and producer … Records “It’s just gonna be good music, quality music. I don’t think there’s [a particular] style. I don’t wanna give the label a style because, for instance, a lot of people are calling EDM music …

Stockholm EDM agent, promoter, event, concert – Bing News
Grassroots effort underway to restore Fresno’s historic Crest Theatre
The real estate agent and clinical counselor (stained … The family works with outside promoters to bring in special events and live concerts. León’s favorites are the EDM (electronic dance music) shows. You can often find her out on the dance floor.

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