Ping Pong Social Club, SPiN, Opens in San Francisco

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Ping Pong Social Club, SPiN, Opens in San Francisco
More than just a place to play ping pong, SPiN is a heightened multisensory social experience that connects people of all forms, and we are delighted to invite the people of San Francisco to the party … street art and themed events. The corporate …

Goldman, Jefferies Put LendingClub Deals on Hold
Two Wall Street investment banks handling bond sales for LendingClub … Goldman hadn’t set a specific date for when it would do a securitization deal for the San Francisco firm. Goldman in recent days has been working with the company to help it …

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‘Walk This Way’: The collaboration that changed music — and popular culture
Cory Robbins, co-founder, Profile Records: All the Sugar Hill (label … do that record in Berkeley because they didn’t want those guys to score. They didn’t want them to be in L.A. or San Francisco. I wasn’t familiar with the board. As a producer …

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