Markus Schulz Talks ‘The Nine Skies’, EDC Las Vegas, & More! – EDM Identity (blog)

San Francisco EDM event, concert, ruby skye – Google News
Markus Schulz Talks ‘The Nine Skies’, EDC Las Vegas, & More! – EDM Identity (blog)

EDM Identity (blog)
Markus Schulz Talks 'The Nine Skies', EDC Las Vegas, & More!
EDM Identity (blog)
I owe a lot of my DJ education to San Francisco. When my career began to grow, San Francisco along with Los Angeles was among the first cities to embrace my sound and what I was about. If you go through the history of Global DJ Broadcast and the

San Francisco EDM News, Record Producer, record company – BingNews
This week’s passages
Rick Hall, 85, the Alabama record producer who recorded some of the biggest musical … He built the Peachtree Center in Atlanta, the Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, the Renaissance Center in Detroit and scores of hotel, office and retail complexes …

San Francisco EDM music scene – Google News
Temple Nightclub’s Bumpy Arrival Jostles Denver’s EDM Scene – Westword

Temple Nightclub's Bumpy Arrival Jostles Denver's EDM Scene
“In San Francisco, we've been building a model that's the result of twenty years of evolution for me, personally, from a DJ to owning a record store,” says Hemming. “In the record store, we had a music studio, a label; we were throwing parties. We grew

San Francisco EDM electronic dance music – BingNews
Choreographer Robert Moses takes to the street to find music for new piece
more Photo: Paul Kuroda, Special To The Chronicle It is Saturday, two days before the new year, on San Francisco … dance piece. He is not talking about the tinny Santana riffs coming out of a nearby speaker, or the snare drum being played over an …

San Francisco EDM street party, corporate – Google News
Tight security greets New Year’s revelers on Las Vegas Strip – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Las Vegas Review-Journal
Tight security greets New Year's revelers on Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Review-Journal
It wasn't because he was nervous to perform — he had noticed the heightened security in Vegas on the news and on Fremont Street. “It's sad that it's gotten to that point,” Marques said. “You just hope and pray to God that nothing bad happens.” But it

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