Steven Cooper Dies: Music Agent & Promoter Was 76

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Steven Cooper Dies: Music Agent & Promoter Was 76
Music industry agent and promoter Steven … of Rock n Roll LIVE” in Rome with Jerry Lee Lewis, bringing Disney On Ice to South Africa, and Julio Iglesias’ first South African tour. Cooper also organized the hip hop event Russia with Ice Cube, in …

‘Of course it was a PR spectacle!’ Mickey Rourke boxing match organiser admits it was ‘a show’ after ageing star beat 29-year-old
The promoter who organised the farcical … It is good for us, the more noise around this event the better. He added: ‘It is a sort of PR for us, and you know, there is no bad PR except an obituary. So Mickey Rourke worked 100 per cent.’

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Grammy nominees Odesza and Bonobo point to a post-EDM dance future
Dance and electronic music is rooted in club culture, but EDM has always been an awkward fit in arenas, where a single DJ (and, usually, a huge battalion of LED displays) as the only action onstage. With this year’s Grammys, voters may have finally …

Rome EDM corporate, street party – BingNews
Colley: Lessons from Rome
Much of Rome’s issues in the last decades of the Republic dealt with international rivalries, but more importantly events at home. Between an urban and rural divide. Between a party of the rich … the sides created street gangs. These brawled in the …

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