Movie Review: “XOXO” (2016)

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Movie Review: “XOXO” (2016)
The film is an ensemble character sketch of numerous people at an electronic dance music (EDM) festival/rave called XOXO. It focuses on six different characters: first, there’s aspiring laptop DJ Ethan, played by Graham Phillips, who is getting his first …

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CARTOON: “Pitching To Millennials”
Johnson also wants to abolish income and corporate taxes. He’s against gun regulations … They want to regulate Wall Street. Bernie was a big proponent of raising the minimum wage, as is Hillary, which most millennials also strongly support.

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Electric Daisy Carnival Weekend: 5 Insiders That Non-EDM Fans Need To Know in 2015
We don’t throw fashion shows … on the big business of EDM: When I am playing shows now, a lot of people are coming to see for ‘the #1 DJ in the World.’ They have no clue who Hardwell is, where he came from, or what his music is.

Are EDM Live Shows Inherently Limited or Do They Have Greater Potential?
Combine that with fashion that makes fans part of the show and you have a total experience that belies the seeming simplicity of the dj with a lightshow. Obviously there are additional modes of EDM and electronic music … festival scene in the States …

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What’s Happening — Sept. 29 to Oct. 6
374-0577 Ladies Night, at Kodiak Jack’s, 537 Gaffney Road, with DJ Fifty50 playing top 40, rock, hip-hop, R&B, reggae, Latin and EDM. Free admission 11 p.m … sponsored by the UAF Good Time Swing Dance Club, every Saturday at Bojangles nightclub …

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