EDM DJ reflects on return to hometown for music festival

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EDM DJ reflects on return to hometown for music festival
To Brooklyn and now Los Angeles, Fulton reflects on his high school music classes and guitar skills while generating electronic dance music or EDM, which ultimately brought him back to his stomping grounds on April 9. “It was totally nuts,” Fulton said on …

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What’s Happening — April 21 to May 1
Ladies Night, at Kodiak Jack’s, 537 Gaffney Road, with DJ 50-50 playing top 40, rock, hip-hop, R&B, reggae, Latin and EDM. Free admission 11 p.m. until … sponsored by the UAF Good Time Swing Dance Club, every Saturday at Bojangles nightclub, corner …

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Tracing the Peculiar History of the Modern-Day Techno Tourist
the city was also full of smaller parties, but Ebinger says many only saw one edition “because of a lack of structure and professionalism back then.” When the techno boom took over Germany in the early 90s—especially in Berlin, thanks to street parties …

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