Camp Bestival 2016

Rome EDM corporate, street party – BingNews
Camp Bestival 2016
It’s now an institution of sorts, rammed to the gills with ageing ravers pulling around colourfully decorated trollies and paying over the odds for “reimagined Eritrean street food” and … in essence, a party, fine-tuned on this occasion to a …

Wall Street protests go global; riots in Rome
ROME (Reuters) – Demonstrators rallied Saturday across the world to accuse bankers and politicians of wrecking economies, but only in Rome did the global “day of rage” erupt into violence. Galvanized by the Occupy Wall Street movement, the protests …

Rome EDM dance club, night club – BingNews
What’s Happening — Aug. 4-11
456-6485 Ladies Night, at Kodiak Jack’s, 537 Gaffney Road, with DJ 50-50 playing top 40, rock, hip-hop, R&B, reggae, Latin and EDM. Free admission 11 p.m … sponsored by the UAF Good Time Swing Dance Club, every Saturday at Bojangles nightclub, corner …

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