Bassnectar hates the label ‘electronic music’ but loves Summer Set – Minneapolis Star Tribune

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Bassnectar hates the label ‘electronic music’ but loves Summer Set – Minneapolis Star Tribune

Minneapolis Star Tribune
Bassnectar hates the label 'electronic music' but loves Summer Set
Minneapolis Star Tribune
He's mostly just sick of his music being called “electronic.” “What does that even mean anymore?” asked the real-life Lorin Ashton, the 37-year-old California DJ/producer who has become one of the top touring acts in the still-thriving EDM (electronic

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EDM: Economic Distortion Medium
EDM, which for the record … events,” a speaker says, “rather than an actual musical genre.” People like EDM because the point of EDM is that you don’t have to like EDM to be there. The logic of an EDM festival promoter is that if you increase …

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Your guide to markets, movies and events
Kurri Kurri Community Markets Saturday, Rotary Park, Hampden Street … sophisticated corporate heists. Inspired by the classic 1991 hit. Sisters (MA15+) Two sisters decide to throw one last house party before their parents sell their family home.

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Electric Eugene
And where the music goes, the culture — dance, fashion … tear down EDM shows so he could get in for free to see the big acts they were pulling in, like the U.K.’s DJ Dara. In the process he met many players in Eugene’s original EDM scene …

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DLVEC Continues EDM Pop Up Series in January
Downtown Las Vegas Events Center will heat up in January with a host of jam-packed EDM events as … DJ’s by night – the entrance of the DJ group WeAreTreo began with a love for surfing mixed with the late night club scene. The Southern California …

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