What’s Happening — Jan. 12-19

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What’s Happening — Jan. 12-19
Ladies Night, at Kodiak Jack’s, 537 Gaffney Road, with DJ Fifty50 playing top 40, rock, hip-hop, R&B, reggae, Latin and EDM … 408 Cushman St. 456-6853 “The Last Five Years,” by Interior Independent Theatre company, 7 p.m., Lee H.

Prague EDM electronic dance music – BingNews
What So Not Pens Touching Tribute To Sydney’s Dance Music Scene
Electronic dance music is no stranger to these kinds of regulations. From the RAVE Act to the closure of Fabric, dance music has regularly been singled out as a source of societal ill. Luckily, artists like What So Not and countless others are willing to …

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Belgrade Nightlife: The Best in the World?
A quick glance through DJ Mag’s top 100 clubs list of 2017 will reveal, not a single Belgrade club name. I spent the entirety of my college years around the electronic dance music scene … went out nearly every single night. Exploring a range of …

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