Watch the trailer for Netflix’s EDM movie ‘XOXO’

Prague EDM electronic dance music – BingNews
Watch the trailer for Netflix’s EDM movie ‘XOXO’
BBC Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong has been brought on board as music supervisor for the film. Watch the trailer for XOXO below. Electronic dance music was recently the subject of We Are Your Friends, which starred Zac Efron as a young dance DJ trying to make it in …

Prague DJ producer – BingNews
Andrew Weatherall: ‘Anyone can make music. What a double-edged sword’
He has a way with words – he describes a DJ set by Scottish duo Slam as “absolutely full-knacker proper panel-beaters-from-Prague-’ere-we-go techno … would have led to a career as a producer of major bands, but it didn’t really pan out …

“You Might As Well Be Dead”: How Limbo States of Consciousness Inspired Lapalux’s New Album ‘Lustmore’
British DJ/producer Lapalux (Stuart Howard … the phone line as he struggles to explain why he decided to move from Hackney in North-East London to Prague—where he knows virtually no one—about two months ago. “I wanted to be nomadic a bit, and …

Putting a Czech Spin on Vinyl
Lodenice, a village 16 miles outside Prague, is home to the world’s biggest producer of vinyl. Albums by Black Sabbath … at the Rough Trade record store in Nottingham who goes by his DJ name, Nail. Originally named Gramofonove Zavody Lodenice, GZ …

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