The insider’s guide to dance clubs in Atlanta

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The insider’s guide to dance clubs in Atlanta
When you’re ready to take your best Dab, or that Nae Nae you’ve been working on out into the city, there is no shortage of Atlanta clubs to choose from. But Beau Daumier, manager at Whiskey Park, the popular night club at the W Hotel Midtown, has learned a …

EDM Workout Playlist: 15 Dance Hits Guaranteed to Make You Sweat
It’s not vanity driving this irresistible EDM pick-me-up, which topped the Dance Club Songs chart and went Top 5 on two other Billboard tallies. Bellion is singing about the beauty of the moment, and how one night with the right friend or lover is worth …

Prague EDM electronic dance music – BingNews
Has Netflix nailed EDM culture in its new XOXO movie?
It’s fair to say that not all movies about electronic music have been unqualified successes. Eden, the 2015 film about the ’90s dance music scene … film about a group of 20-somethings heading to an EDM festival in America. Pete Tong is onboard as …

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