Diversity Thrives Among DJs of The Dinah

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Diversity Thrives Among DJs of The Dinah
In an industry that is categorically dominated by males, female DJs have been progressively multiplying in the nation’s clubs … Angie’s dance background makes her not only a great DJ, but also a great performer, while she’s sound tracking the night.

Prague EDM electronic dance music – Bing News
DJ Impera burning up the east coast EDM scene
Amid the myriad of noisy club DJ and red-line auto-play knuckleheads, a brand new DJ duo is turning heads in the New York dance scene. They call themselves DJ Impera, and they are quickly becoming local underground EDM … a dance electronic music duo …

Dubai EDM producer launches new album
A Dubai-based EDM (electronic dance music) producer has launched a new record serving up 21 brand new tracks that blend topical themes, a sense of humour and a raving EDM beat. ‘Alpha Male’ is the latest album from Afghanistan born EDM prodigy, Shuja Rabbani.

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