Calvin Harris: the richest DJ in the world –

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Calvin Harris: the richest DJ in the world –
Calvin Harris: the richest DJ in the world
Harris' manager, Mark Gillespie, and agent, Joel Zimmerman, were instrumental in pushing him to the front of the EDM pack. "Managers and booking agents can be kingmakers in dance music," says Matt Medved, dance music editor at Billboard magazine.

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Skyway Theatre: The booming Minneapolis EDM hub hidden in plain view
To look at the corner of Seventh Street and Hennepin Avenue on the night of December 2, you might have expected a media circus. The line outside the Skyway Theater to see Marshmello — a pseudonymous EDM phenom … that became a DJ party space.

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Sunburn to ‘FLY’ again
It’d be interesting to attend a concert with different music genres being performed,” says Sandeep Kogilwaimath a DJ in the city. “Hyderabad is taking its claim as a major destination for Electronic Dance Music. We’ve seen in recent gigs, Hyderabadis …

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All About Eve
Jerry Lee Lewis will ring in the New Year at the Beale Street club that shares his name. Jason James will open the show, and the Killer will follow. Tickets are going fast. Daisyland, the New Daisy Theatre’s EDM dance club, will take the party into the …

“Marcella’s has to evolve into a big-city, EDM dance club with great visiting DJs and residents who play cutting edge music,” he says. “It isn’t about being gay or straight anymore – it’s about having a great nightclub experience. Period.”

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