The Secret World Of EDM DJs Exposed By Reddit

Paris EDM DJ, producer – BingNews
The Secret World Of EDM DJs Exposed By Reddit
Earlier this week, a fascinating thread on Reddit appeared, in which someone who claims to work closely with top EDM DJs offered to … Avicii is first and foremost a producer before anything and in fact hadn’t learned to DJ until the two met.

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Cerrone “Move Me” (featuring Brendan Reilly) [Video Premiere]
One of the great architects of disco is back to the music scene with some new music and we are really excited … The FADER and re-creates the atmosphere of Studio 54 or Le Palace in Paris. “Move Me” was written by Cerrone and Reilly and James John …

Paris EDM promoter, agent, client, event – BingNews
Here’s What Five Powerful Men Think About the Future of Miami Nightlife—And What They Got Wrong
The clubbing industry—so long dependent on EDM and in many ways responsible for two decades … “I think there’s a different client for different clubs,” Chatani said. “Wall can’t afford this kind of DJ, but with Story and LIV, it’s a different format …

Paris EDM corporate dance party – BingNews
Changing track: when musicians swap genre
His new single, Party ’Til We Die, snubs his career-long dedication to guitar-based music in favor of dance-driven EDM. Earlier this year … He rebranded the band as corporate rock shills, with the string of stadium hits to prove it.

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