The ‘Colorless City’ And Odd Characters Behind The New German Wave Of The 70s

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The ‘Colorless City’ And Odd Characters Behind The New German Wave Of The 70s
If someone were to ask you where Germany’s hottest music scene in the late ’70s and early ’80s was … and the 19th-century poet Heinrich Heine lived there until he moved to Paris. That seems to be what its young people do, move. But Neu!

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A world of electronic music awaits at ÎleSoniq
The biggest electronic music festival in Montréal returns … ZEDD is sure to fire up the crowds with his trademark dance hits. Also at the OASIS Fido Stage, American DJ duo The Chainsmokers will also drive EDM lovers insane! The duo has scored hits …

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Montreuil Journal: Paris Partygoers, Bored and Short on Cash, Turn Suburbs Into Movable Fête
In an effort to revive the cityâ s after-dark appeal, Eric Labbé, a record-store owner turned dance-club promoter … In central Paris, parks are opening all night this summer. A Night Council, where bar and club owners meet with the authorities …

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After tours with Riff Raff and Mac Miller, DJ Afterthought is making his mark in the Pittsburgh hip-hop scene
To make matters worse, the events usually felt like opportunities to hand … “When we get to the venues I’m the first one in … I’m talking to the promoters, I’m talking to the agents,” he says. “It really helped connecting with those types …

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