Kicked to the Curb

Paris EDM promoter, agent, client, event – BingNews
Kicked to the Curb
Drama unfolded on June 3, when nightlife promoter … agents for selling cocaine and MDMA in Portland, Song’s house was raided. Authorities found $14,995 in cash, a shotgun, 650 grams of cocaine, and ecstasy tablets. After promoting EDM events at …

Paris music scene – BingNews
First ever Music On Festival set to take place in Amsterdam
Over the past few years Marco Carola and Music On started building on a legacy that few can measure up to in the electronic music scene. In 2011 Marco Carola … over the world to cities as Miami, New York, Paris and London, always exploring the finest …

Paris EDM DJ, producer – BingNews
The “End of EDM” In 2015, Is the Real Beginning of EDM
The day has come in EDM where 9 year old kids DJ as headliners at the worlds top EDM festivals, Reality TV personalities become superstar DJs, Porn stars turn DJs, and Paris Hilton Makes … Usually made by a ghost producer, Pumped out and produced …

Paris music scene – Google News
Mt. Airy’s Swedish songbird a throwback to the 1930s – Chestnut Hill Local

Chestnut Hill Local
Mt. Airy's Swedish songbird a throwback to the 1930s
Chestnut Hill Local
Anna Cecilia, who was born in Sweden but now lives in Mt. Airy, sings old-time jazz at venues around Philly, including Paris Bistro. … Coming first to Washington, D.C., at 18, Anna quickly gravitated to Philadelphia's rich music scene and settled in

Paris EDM street party, dance – BingNews
Pitt football players Matt Galambos, Alex Galiyas take their music very seriously
At a party of peers, they likely are to turn to hip-hop and even some of the more intense electronic dance music (commonly known as EDM … For instance, when Galambos lived on Bates Street in South Oakland, he, Green and Galiyas would often set up …

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