In tune: trap and heroes of genre –

Paris EDM DJ, producer – Google News
In tune: trap and heroes of genre –
In tune: trap and heroes of genre
When trap went out of home borders and scattered all over the world, many dj's, musicians and producers became involved in it. This is how originated EDM trap – a mix of trap and electronic dance music. There are many famous trap artists in … One of

Paris EDM electronic dance music – Bing News
Electronic Rock Music Trio Savoy Are Pioneering a Genre
Maybe you’ve never heard the term ERM (electronic rock music) before, but Savoy, a trio from Brooklyn via Colorado, consider themselves pioneers of the genre. Producer Gray Smith, guitarist Ben Eberdt and drummer Mike Kelly fuse rock & roll with dance …

Paris EDM DJ, producer – Bing News
It’s game(s) on at Encore Players Club; Adrian Zmed keeps score with ‘Grease 2’ revival
In researching how to use that space, Wynn/Encore COO Sean Christie and Surrender/Encore Beach Club GM Michael Waltman gauged their club crowd and sought ways to expand the entertainment offerings outside DJ-driven EDM. They also checked out party pits …

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