Diversity Thrives Among DJs of The Dinah

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Diversity Thrives Among DJs of The Dinah
Currently, you can find her at the helm of her own company, Kore Entertainment, an all-female collective of DJs and entertainers. DJ ASHA is one the most versatile DJs on the scene. She is comfortable spinning a selection of: Party Anthems, Hip Hop …

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Aulos Ensemble brings post-renaissance quirk to ASU’s music scene
Deep inside the world of classical music, there is a movement to revive instruments from … In fact, the only thing it borrows are the two central settings: London and Paris, with the first half of the program being by London-based composers and the …

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The Year in B2B DJ Sets – NPR

The Year in B2B DJ Sets
From local club nights to the decks of Holy Ship!; on podcasts and on radio shows, in commemoration and just for the hell of it, the sheer number of such fleeting partnerships became conspicuous. Historically, something about this points to an imminent

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