David Guetta looks back on ‘crazy’ year

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David Guetta looks back on ‘crazy’ year
That’s how superstar DJ David Guetta gets … To date, the 49-year-old record producer, remixer and songwriter has sold over nine million albums and 40 million singles worldwide. His bio says that after playing in Paris clubs starting in the late …

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11 Movies Every DJ Must Watch
While this isn’t a movie about DJing, it’s a movie about the LGBT scene that disco emerged from. “Paris Is Burning” gives a retrospective look into the ’80s and ’90s and the impact of those decades on music and culture today. Third up is …

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Madonna is Billboard’s Greatest Dance Artist of All Time
Madonna and dance music are inseparable. Madonna received Billboard’s Woman in Music Award in a televised special on Lifetime last night. Lauded for her Rebel … 46 of those are on the Dance Club Songs chart. Madonna has charted every year since her …

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