BSO’s stripped down ‘La Boheme’ puts music above spectacle

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BSO’s stripped down ‘La Boheme’ puts music above spectacle
Director Loren Lester and Richman cleverly conceived a production that emphasized music over spectacle and emotion above … They included a view out the garret window, a Paris street scene and the gates to the city from outlying farms and houses.

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Dennis Ferrer on Commercial EDM: “They See an Easy Customer Who Wants It Fast & Cheap”
From Deadmau5 pissing off pretty much everyone with his hateful and decidedly hypocritical rants, to a clueless Paris Hilton jumping on … called underground house scene, like DJ Sneak and Mr. C, versus commercial EDM superstars like Deadmau5 and Swedish …

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Prince was the seminal artist who set parameters that defined my musical taste
“1999” was the album that did the trick and got people on the dance floor. It didn’t matter if the party was at the Stadium with the Q’s or Kappas’ Lodge with the Pikes, Hamilton and Broach with the Sigma Pis or Miller Street with the art majors …

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The insider’s guide to dance clubs in Atlanta
When you’re ready to take your best Dab, or that Nae Nae you’ve been working on out into the city, there is no shortage of Atlanta clubs to choose from. But Beau Daumier, manager at Whiskey Park, the popular night club at the W Hotel Midtown, has learned a …

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Flight Facilities’ Jimmy2Sox Talks What’s Next For Dance Music Worldwide
In preparation of a solo DJ set Friday at the newly launched Make Me parties he gave us an insight of what he see’s is happening and more importantly what is next for dance music globally. SR: What do you think is next for dance and electronic music world …

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