110000 attend Rock en Seine 2016 – IQ Magazine

Paris EDM promoter, agent, client, event – Google News
110000 attend Rock en Seine 2016 – IQ Magazine

IQ Magazine
110000 attend Rock en Seine 2016
IQ Magazine
The figure – 10,000 fewer than last year, when the Paris event sold out – can be nevertheless counted as a win for newly Live Nation-owned promoter Nous Productions in a year when many predicted major drop-offs in attendance for live events amid fears

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Paris EDM street party, dance – BingNews
The Unexpected City That Should Be On Your Travel Radar
Yes, Paris is always a good idea … Not in Budapest on a Sunday or still hungry even after all that grazing? Head across the street to Simple Haztaji, where the small kitchen will cook you up an easy meal from the ingredients at the market.

Paris EDM electronic dance music – BingNews
Electronice Dance Music DJ MIMO Releases ‘Feel Good’ on Powerkat Records
Real. Pure. Italian. MIMO is an electronic dance music DJ and producer who is thoroughly authentic. His passion for music is what drives him. MIMO’s “Feel Good” (Powerkat) is out now. “Feel Good” is a seductively catchy house music tune with an abundance …

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