The future was already here: Detroit’s Afrofuturist enclaves

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The future was already here: Detroit’s Afrofuturist enclaves
Hoping to find someplace in America that matched London’s feverish music scene, Ashanti took his MIDI to New York City in 2005. What he found instead were hostile DJs and promoters who … Detroit wanted to become a record producer with a specialty …

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DJ Snake’s Debut Album Saved the Friday That Frank Ocean Did His Best to Ruin
When oh when would the new Frank Ocean album drop? Surely it must be any minute now, given the New York Times story from earlier in the … up of “Propaganda,” Encore demonstrates that Top 40 EDM is capable of both breadth and emotional depth, despite …

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Sexism in the EDM World Is a Real Problem — DJ Eva Shaw Wants to Change That
The electronic dance music world is dominated by big names … Shaw made a career switch to spinning and creating music. The Dutch Canadian stunner began performing sets in clubs around New York City where she quickly made a name for herself and has …

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