Soul Survivor

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Soul Survivor
In 1960, when she was eighteen, she moved to New York and signed with Columbia Records. This marked the start of an … She can cancel half her gigs and infuriate every producer and promoter in the country. She can sing all kinds of jive-ass songs that …

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Sasha: ‘There were thousands of people in front of me and I was losing the plot’ – The Guardian

The Guardian
Sasha: 'There were thousands of people in front of me and I was losing the plot'
The Guardian
His DJ sets span the more discerning – and compared to EDM's thunderous judders, more underground – end of house and techno. This second (or third, or fourth) wind is presumably why when I ask about his past he replies, … In the late 90s, he and

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Meet Pam the Funkstress, Prince’s New DJ
After fêteing Prince at his shows in New York and … s a lot of female DJs, some of ‘em good, some of ‘em bad, but we’re getting more respect. That’s why I’m here to represent for all women. I don’t care if you’re EDM, house, trap; or …

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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton lead big in New York, Pennsylvania
a Vermont senator who has energized young voters with his calls for breaking up Wall Street banks and making tuition free at public colleges and universities. For his part, Sanders is campaigning relentlessly in New York, holding four events in three of …

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