Open Format DJs Make Millions from the Rise of EDM

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Open Format DJs Make Millions from the Rise of EDM
open-format DJ’s are beginning to feel the effects of EDM leaking into mainstream culture. DJ Ruckus, a prominent open format DJ who recently spun the Forbes New York party, weighed in on how EDM has helped his own career: The EDM boom has really …

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Relive the Grit and Glamour of 1970s New York
“It was such a dynamic, interesting, groundbreaking scene.” His fourth book, Grit and Glamour: The Street Style, High Fashion, and Legendary Music of the 1970s, out this week, showcases the fashions within every aspect of New York in the …

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Police Bust Massive Pop-UP EDM Party Without Liquor License
The Brooklyn Mirage had begun the process of applying for a liquor license just a few days before the first scheduled party, DNAinfo New York reported last week. Last summer, The Brooklyn Mirage set up shop nearby at a lot at 99 Scott Street and was …

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