Marshmello Is EDM’s Masked Hero – SPIN

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Marshmello Is EDM’s Masked Hero – SPIN

Marshmello Is EDM's Masked Hero
Marshmello's 2016 has been comparable to Skrillex's 2010 — a gathering storm that largely eluded the non-dance media spotlight while reeling in fans by the gross. The anonymous producer-DJ, whose management politely refuses all interview requests, has

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new york EDM night club, dance club – BingNews
Dancing with John Travolta, with Michael Jackson on the DJ decks: Inside the glory days of hedonistic New York nightclub Studio 54
And now, 40 years since the club opened on New York’s West 54th … riding the wave of 1970s dance music and newly found personal freedom. Rumours circulated that cocaine was pumped through the aircon and orgies took place every night. ‘

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How mainstream media missed the march that social media turned into a phenomenon
The march has precedent in the annals of online activism: The Arab Spring demonstrations of 2011 and the tea party … here in New York City, frankly, is overwhelming,” she said, as thousands could be seen behind her, shuffling down a city street.

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SFX Entertainment To Take Electronic Dance Music To Wall Street With IPO
Last year, media mogul Robert F.X. Sillerman made a commitment to the future of electronic dance music. Sillerman had then just formed SFX Entertainment … creator of the Electric Zoo festival in New York; i-Motion, owner of Germany’s Nature One …

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Open Format DJs Make Millions from the Rise of EDM
open-format DJ’s are beginning to feel the effects of EDM leaking into mainstream culture. DJ Ruckus, a prominent open format DJ who recently spun the Forbes New York party, weighed in on how EDM has helped his own career: The EDM boom has really …

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