These Will Be the Years: The 100 Greatest EDM Anthems of the ’10s

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These Will Be the Years: The 100 Greatest EDM Anthems of the ’10s
One of EDM’s great pop-star alliances was born in the process. — A.U. With a calypso, soca vibe — and a brilliant whistle sample from ’80s hip-hop cult classic flick Beat Street for the … gets an added dose of party-hardy encouragement from …

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deadmau5 literally snuck out of the hospital so he didn’t miss a scheduled concert in Miami
As Global News points out, the EDM superstar literally snuck out of a hospital so that he could play a scheduled concert in Miami … Determined not to miss a Red Bull event in Miami, Zimmerman said he “snuck out of the hospital and hopped on a jet.”

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The Techno Feminists Next Door
Paoletti, who spins tough techno as Volvox, is a Discwoman client as well as a club promoter herself … from the sharp-lined stuff Carter favors — never mind the techno feminists next door. Worse, Carter is forty minutes late. As if to make Paoletti’s …

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EDM Lands in Cuba as Major Lazer Announces Havana Concert
Live EDM — big, loud, and American — will make its … But Major Lazer’s set will mark the first mainstream American dance-music act to hit Cuba. In November, Miami native DJ Oscar G visited Cuba to play a set at Havana’s Fábrica de Arte Cubano.

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