The Real Reason Music And Drugs Go Together So Well [Beatport]

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The Real Reason Music And Drugs Go Together So Well [Beatport]
Earlier this week, Beatport‘s Los Angeles Senior Editor Katie Bain … MDMA, Bain writes, is the dance music community’s longstanding drug of choice when it comes to late-night clubs and large scale festival grounds. The drug targets dopamine …

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DJ IDeaL’s January EDM Kickoff
As San Diego continues to make its mark on the electronic dance music scene, New Year’s Eve (and day) celebrations proved worthy of the hype with grand hotel and nightclub celebrations, house-music yachts events, and a three-day arena party. Amongst the …

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Destructo was EDM before anyone knew what it was
Before he was an EDM artist and DJ known as Destructo, Gary Richards was throwing raves in Los Angeles warehouses in the early 1990s. Richards was one of electronic music’s early adapters. He founded both an early iteration of the Electric Daisy Carnival …

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