Kamasi Washington’s Giant Step

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Kamasi Washington’s Giant Step
On a late October afternoon in South Central Los Angeles … not small jazz clubs), unusually multiracial and unusually young. And they do something that people at jazz concerts seldom do anymore: They dance. When I saw him perform in Brooklyn, the …

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American Bullion Reviews Latest Market Developments: Dj Vu, Again
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — After threatening new … But upon closer inspection, it seems apparent that the dj vu feeling should be getting much stronger in Americans. After hitting a new high early in 2015, the Dow Jones Industrial Average …

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The High-Volume Luxury Mansions of the Electronic Dance Music Scene
The stunning growth of Pasquale Rotella’s electronic dance music empire—from 300-person warehouse raves around Los Angeles in … festival and club promoter who runs the Hakkasan nightclubs for the Abu Dhabi investors who own the company, has been …

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Apple’s GarageBand updated for DJ in all of us
LOS ANGELES – For years, Appleâ??s GarageBand app has been the go-to software for making fun digital music on phones, tablets and computers. A new update, out today, brings GarageBand into the electronic … which include EDM, Chill, Rock and House.

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