A Post-Elopement Reception at SmogShoppe

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A Post-Elopement Reception at SmogShoppe
Many of their friends had never visited Los Angeles so picking a venue centrally located was … The couple has a favorite DJ they follow in Georgia so they decided to fly him out for the celebration. The couple never left the dance floor!

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Why EDM Is Thriving While Other Genres Are Sinking
And yet, many EDM DJs are richer than God. From SF Weekly’s Ian Port in his (excellent) story on Bassnectar: Local promoters estimate … running downtown Los Angeles club night Dance Right and a partner in Production Club, the company behind Skrillex …

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Point Blank Presents Your EDM School With Bixel Boys
Welcome to Your EDM School, a feature that dives into the world of electronic dance music production … the award-winning music production and DJ school with classes in London, Los Angeles and online. Six-time ranked ‘Best DJ & Production School …

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Red Video Nightclub to Open in Insert Coin(s) Space
Bruce has organized themed night parties in Los Angeles … bar in the center of the room and dance floor and DJ booth in the back. A future buildout is planned to give the space an underground warehouse feel with club lighting and nine 14-foot projection …

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