London Has Fallen

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London Has Fallen
A U.S. drone bombs the event … panoramic shots of London and the musical score (Trevor Morris, Olympus Has Fallen) is blaring like a broken speaker in a mall. By the time the real action starts, it’s too late for the music to crescendo, it’s already …

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Inside David Bowie’s Final Years –
Inside David Bowie's Final Years
I get everywhere – very quietly and never above 14th Street. … In 2007, Bowie helped curate New York's Highline Music Festival, which announced that he would play a "large outdoor concert" as part of the event. … In March 2013, Bowie visited London

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london EDM street party, corporate event – Bing News
Data Governance In A Big Data World: Companies And Solutions
LONDON … a set of processes that ensure corporate data assets are formally managed throughout the enterprise. Data Governance ensures that data can be trusted and that people can be made accountable for any adverse event that happens because of low …

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