How Sofar Sounds is redefining the live music scene around the globe

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How Sofar Sounds is redefining the live music scene around the globe
On a recent Friday night, people packed one London … event. “Everyone’s talking about Sofar. It’s like the pinnacle. Like, if you’re in kind of the Indie scene, you just moved to a city and you want to make it or you want people to hear your …

Event Industry News introduces game-changing tech panel series to the capital
London. 250 buyers attended the Showcase featuring event suppliers and 20 venues from Venue Reservations’ extensive portfolio. These included The Royal Courts of Justice, Tower Bridge, Vinopolis, Church House Conference Centre, Piggott’s… MUSIC fans …

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Powered Up: Inside EDM Agent Jake Schneider’s Tech-Savvy Mind
“If I’m flying to London … promoters and agents, because I believe in social media and the importance of narrative and interaction in predicting success.” A growing number of social media and playlist analytics startups are infiltrating the music …

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Davos Cocktail Circuit Hums With Trump Optimism After Day One
The first day of the World Economic Forum’s annual gathering was dominated by the long shadow of President-elect Donald Trump, Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s first visit to the event and, naturally, the evening cocktail party circuit. Among a host of …

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