Seattle’s vanishing black community

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Seattle’s vanishing black community
ONCE A MONTH, the downtown nightclub Re … see themselves not only as promoters but social catalysts, activists and educators. While younger African Americans revolutionize the very idea of “black community” with pop-up events and online social …

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Warren Peace on the lasting impact of DJ AM
“Before AM, to be a headlining DJ at a major Las Vegas club [with your] headshot and name on fliers … “His foundation was hip-hop, but he threw in ’80s, rock, dance. He was throwing in tons of different records left and right,” Peace says.

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The Best Dance Records Made at DFA’s West Village Studio – THUMP
The Best Dance Records Made at DFA's West Village Studio
Perhaps no American label has captured the spirit of "dance bands" better than DFA Records, the independent music label founded in 2001 by Mo' Wax label founder Tim Goldsworthy, promoter Jonathan Galkin, and a then relatively unknown DJ and

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