Penniless tour completed by local comedian

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Penniless tour completed by local comedian
comedy promoters and agents. We tend to hear a lot of negativity on the circuit but this has shown me how supportive it can be and how we can work together to acheive something really worthwhile.” Julie Bolt, Shelter’s Head of Community and Events …

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Electronic Dance Music is not for rebels – it’s for tyrants and drones
Electronic Dance Music is dying. You may not have noticed … guileless impulse of youth. Deaths in Las Vegas, Kuala Lumpur and Buenos Aires have resulted in cancelled events and increased drug searches. The industry reacted. Concerning five deaths …

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Like his music, Alesso’s EBC sets will stick in your head
There’s a reason Alesso’s tracks seem to resonate and hang around a lot longer than your average electronic dance music hit … at XS and Encore Beach Club, two dominant night and dayclub venues along the Las Vegas Strip. Alesso kicked off another …

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