A new venue for music events at Venu on Chippewa

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A new venue for music events at Venu on Chippewa
very much in the style of shows you see in cities like Las Vegas and Miami.” He also spoke of Venu’s commitment to live music in general, beyond the EDM that will form the core of the entertainment. “We’ll have bands in all kinds of genres …

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Billboard Touring Conference: The Industry’s Top Agents on the Guns N’ Roses Reunion, Garth Brooks’ ‘Staggering … – Billboard

Billboard Touring Conference: The Industry's Top Agents on the Guns N' Roses Reunion, Garth Brooks' 'Staggering …
“I have artists that won't even do two shows a night in a club, let alone three shows in an arena. He's playing to 60-70,000 people per show. He's sold out 50 markets on the second part of his current tour, more than five million tickets. The numbers

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