Exclusive: Polyamorous Producership floods Provide Some “lustre”

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Exclusive: Polyamorous Producership floods Provide Some “lustre”
“As artists, we have been exposed to genres and movements that we would have otherwise ignored if we only paid attention to strictly electronic dance music.” “Houston’s showed me a lot about the music scene,” notes birdmagic. “There’s a lot of …

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Video Evidence Of Florida Gov. Rick Scott Pretending To Be A Cruise Ship DJ Named ‘DJ Govvy Gov’
There’s an amazing phenomenon out there where a person or thing can be so bad that they somehow come back around to being good again. We see it all the time in bad movies (or campaign ads) or jokes so stupid and long they become hilarious. Heck, it’s …

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Oceana Cruise Review by WGPearson: Mediterranean Cruise on Oceana. May 2016
The More entertainment was generally good, variety of events through the night, with some activities during the day. The “British” sail away was like a “holiday camp” event and … manager criticised other cruise lines which was uncalled for.

Delta Withdraws Sponsorship for Fox Theatre after Qatar Air’s J-Lo Concert
The rivalry between Delta Air Lines and Qatar Airways has … be ending its sponsorship deal with the concert venue. The airline had spent the past few weeks trying to convince Fox to drop the private event from its calendar. After the theater decided …

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