QnA: A Guy Called Gerald

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QnA: A Guy Called Gerald
A Guy Called Gerald, who plays the Ironworks, Inverness, on Saturday night, is a now Berlin-based British DJ, record producer and musician best-known for his early work in the Manchester acid house scene in the late ’80s and the track Voodoo Ray.

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Night Crawling: RAISE – Wonderland Magazine

Wonderland Magazine
Night Crawling: RAISE
Wonderland Magazine
London's club scene is among the most famous in the world, and now, with new club night RAISE, hosted by London collective Club Late Music and German collective Very Very Contemporary, it's about to get even bolder and even better. … inaugural event

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Asian Music Promoters at IMS 2014
The event saw a conglomeration of artistes, promoters, agents, non-profit organisations and many more … China has reported a growth in the demand of EDM and although drugs are not one of the problems as yet in these festivals, accidents do happen from …

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How night mayors are proving the economic and cultural value of robust nightlife
But according to Lutz Leichsenring, a former promoter and now spokesman for Berlin’s Clubcommission … that if you uproot a club or creative space somewhere, you need to replace it, to invest. Like a Richard Florida for the dance floor, he argues …

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Egyptian DJ Richard R on His Beginnings, Favourite Music, and Cairo Clubs
He has been popping up in clubs and bars in and around Cairo for some time now. His music is a mix of house, techno, and electronica, but Richard it seems started DJing way before he got into dance music … and excitement. Berlin! In a few words, tell …

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