Nothing To See Here, Just An Epic Ping-Pong Throwdown In Berlin

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Nothing To See Here, Just An Epic Ping-Pong Throwdown In Berlin
and Chelsea’s dreamy romp across Berlin’s electric bars and awe-inspiring cultural sites is, alas, no exception. But that doesn’t mean they can’t wrap up their trip in truly decadent style. After Chelsea’s DJ-ing gig at the chic Prince Charles club …

i-DJ: lord pusswhip
Born and raised in Reykjavik, the 22-year-old currently lives in Berlin and has already stacked up production … My homie back in the day started calling me Pusswhip, first it was DJ Pusswhip and then I changed it to Lord Pusswhip. I like how the name …

Berlin Nightlife, Electronic Dance Music – BingNews
Recommended Dose’s Favorite Electronic Albums Of 2016
Thank goodness for the spiraling sprawl of dance and electronic music, as hard to define as it is to keep up … Dirk Leyers and DJ Nomad’s Berlin parties have been a central location for integrating global perspectives into the Euro dance floor, with …

Berlin EDM Music, Promoter, Agent, Event – BingNews
Robe In The House for Berlin Summer Rave Event
Berlin and … ideal for lighting EDM events! His brief was to make each arena different, interesting and a visual departure from the previous year’s event. Each space needed its own distinctive ambience and flavour to reflect the music and hi-energy …

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