Dance-music craze slowing down

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Dance-music craze slowing down
a longtime dance music promoter whose downtown club Vagabond closed in 2014, and who is presenting a week of old-school house music DJs like Louie Vega and Jellybean Benitez at Yuca on Lincoln Road this week. “The EDM world is one big KISS concert …

London-based Resident Advisor helps boost L.A.’s underground electronic music world
“Real Scenes: L.A.” heralds a new era for Resident Advisor, the 15-year-old London-based site run by Nick Sabine and Paul Clement that’s grown into the online focal point for progressive electronic music. Built on a platform of news and event-ticketing …

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After Sunset, before the sun sets?
By this time, the happiest students I saw were laying on the hill eating, laughing in the beer garden and lining up for the food trucks: Amazebowls and the Berlin Food Truck. The music had been playing since 5 p.m. and the DJ was starting the hard hitters …

Arnaldo has received high praise following a string of solid releases on much loved imprints such as Smallville and Aim and for his vibrant DJ sets in Berlin and London which have been some of the most well reviewed and well crafted of recent years.

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The Organizer of a Berlin Sex Party Explains What It’s Like to DJ an Orgy – THUMP

The Organizer of a Berlin Sex Party Explains What It's Like to DJ an Orgy
But this is an issue that all attendees of Kinky Gang Bang, a weekly Thursday afternoon sex party at Berlin's notorious Insomnia club, must negotiate. Clothing with sensible pockets is not welcome … Now the party's really started. By seven this whole

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