How To Create Music With Disabilities

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How To Create Music With Disabilities
play and DJ music. While some of the technologies below are still in prototype stages, they’re paving the way for new and greater advances and awareness in making music accessible to everyone. The student project of Amsterdam’s Andreas Refsgaard …

DHA Mixtape #222 By Amtrac
Amtrac is a multi-talented artist who can electrify an audience, be it with a moving live music performance or by working dancefloors up to a sweat with his driving yet funk-filled DJ sets. Never content to settle, Amtrac’s ambition and curiosity keep …

New York’s Discwoman Announce E.U. Tour Dates
DJ BEARCAT, DJ Haram, UMFANG, and Volvox will be on tour in Europe for the next month. The collective will visit Berlin, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Krakow, Warsaw, Helsinki, Lyon, and Leipzig on the trip. In addition to the clubs and …

Sexism in the EDM World Is a Real Problem — DJ Eva Shaw Wants to Change That
DJ Eva Shaw: I’ve been writing songs since I was a really … They asked if I could fly over to Amsterdam and meet with them and see if we clicked and we really did. We had the same ideas with being creative and authentic and sort of feminine but in …

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