Grand Gig Puts Its Hands Up For Robe

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Grand Gig Puts Its Hands Up For Robe
The core of Robe’s current product ranges – BMFLs, Pointes and the MMX series – are all ideal for large EDM events like this due to … commenced three years later after a night out at a local dance club! Monday morning, he picked up the phone …

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A Filmmaker’s Saga: Harvey Weinstein’s Outrageous Battle to Sabotage My Movie About Him
The entertainment industry … uber-agent Perry Zimel recommended William Shatner. Then IFC chimed in, “He’s not the right voice for the film.” (I agreed.) Finally, I settled on Albert Shultz, who runs Toronto’s Soulpepper theater company.

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McDonalds Intros DJ Controller Placemats, Because – Wait For It – You Deserve A Break Today
McTrax is a project of digital ad agency This Page Amsterdam, in conjunction with the agency TBWA … Check it out and let us know what you think of DJ controller placemats – and more importantly, the idea of cheap printable music controllers!

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Industry Focus: Jorge Brea, CEO and President of Symphonic Distribution – Magnetic Magazine (blog)

Magnetic Magazine (blog)
Industry Focus: Jorge Brea, CEO and President of Symphonic Distribution
Magnetic Magazine (blog)
I was a fan and also an artist and DJ, but like most people I wanted a stable lifestyle and job. That is why I … Where do you see the most innovation in the EDM industry and why? … It is still my favorite genre and what I still love about it is

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Embrace your inner DJ with McDonald’s McTrax placemat – Engadget

Embrace your inner DJ with McDonald's McTrax placemat
The placemat, built in conjunction with digital production agency This Page Amsterdam and ad company TBWA/Neboko, was introduced as a cool way to help foster creativity in restaurant patrons. While the mat itself is simply made of paper, it's printed
McDonalds turns paper placemat into a DJ touchpad called McTraxtechAU (blog)

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